AUTHOR: Urbane ideje d.o.o.
YEAR: 2021
AREA: 5.600 sqm
LOCATION: Dalj, Erdut, Croatia (45.525387 N, 19.011686 E)
STATUS: Natječaj, 2021.
The competition entry proposed a new winery of a fresh brand on the Croatian wine market in Dalj (Erdut).

The basic architectural design concept is based on the following postulates:
•    to fit the building's scale and volume into the environment (as much as possible - given the large building's area and volume and it's disproportion in relation to the surrounding structures)
•   materialize and shape in strong contrast to the environment and existing structures
•   propose a modern architectural form in accordance with the general vision of the brand development

and all in accordance with the project task.

The winery building is located in an attractive location, which offers spectacular views of its own vineyards and the Slavonian landscape, with the Dunav river as the main focal point.

The winery itself is organized in two levels - the basement floor -1 and the ground floor 0, with a large part of the basement space which extends through both floors. The total GFA of the winery is approximately 5,600 sqm (approximately 4,500 sqm of net area).

Ground floor 0 is the entrance floor, combining different types of "public" facilities (representation, catering and accommodation facilities) with office-administrative areas (offices and laboratories). The production and storage facilities are located at level -1.

The load-bearing structure of the winery in question is designed as a reinforced concrete structure, combining prefab elements with in-situ cast concrete structural elements.
The outer (facade) shell combines concrete panels (which communicate primarily the industrial purpose of the building) with plaster and glass.

The raw concrete design of the facade is "transcribed" into the interior areas - with a combination of wood and glass and epoxy and smooth concrete floor coverings.